Quiz 4 overview

Do you think that you are an intelligent? or smart enough to beat all funny quizzes? well, your IQ skills will give you answer to that question, when you attempt to play and answer all questions correctly on impossible quiz 4. I warn you, it's a real challenge for your self-esteem and cleverness.

Impossible quiz 4 is a new version of the most legendary quiz game in the world. there is the new brand music sounds in it, also new graphics and of course, it's a full of freshly-released psychological questions, which are so different and maybe more hard.

why is it so famous? because its a most funny test, where you can test yourself and interrogate your brain on so many levels, like in logics, fast thinking and also check your luckiness too.

So, this new version of the game is so much better than first one, and this fact is a already enough reason why you should play this game. Impossible quiz isn't an ordinary game, where you can answer all questions just with your knowledge. In fact, to play this game, you need logic, concentration, cool attitude and of course, the skills acquired by an experience and deduction.

So, there you need to be more monitored on theoretical and also practical understanding of a question. Why? because this game has most tricky answers in the quiz-world. "Not Doppler", which is best quiz-developer in our century, has develop and create most annoying and also funniest test-type game like impossible quiz. And now, gave us a better version of this hysterical thing, with more comical and hilarious additions. For that reason, this game is extremely amusing and causing laughter, but also it is a reason of priceless anger and strange emotions. In the moment when you try really hard and chose a clever answer, but then after click, you suddenly realize, that it was a clever answer, but you needed more logic and intuition to win. And then everything starts again. This game really requires patience from you, to suffer loss without getting angry or upset. But its not easy and too many people can't do this. So, be one of the smartest guys in the world and solve these tasks, if you do, you will be part of a few people, who tried to deal with this game and did it.

Main Idea Of The Game

The main idea of this quiz is simple,it is the same as previous versions and quite similar as other quizzes. But it is more deeply satisfying and fulfills your emotions better than other games. Well, you just need to answer questions correctly. Sometimes you need to be fast and do everything on time, like an exam. Sometimes the question is an answer for itself, and also sometimes you have no answers on the board and you need to solve this problem with tricky treatment. You have five lives, which can be too much and too few at the same time, because for every wrong answer, you lost one life and if you lost all of them, you have to start again. But questions are the same all the time and every new try is a chance to get more further and if you don't make the same mistake again, you'll see new questions.

Design Of The Game

Impossible quiz 4 has no single detail, which will make you bored. Every page of the game is so colorful and awesome. As an original impossible quiz, second release also have so funny effects and voices, like shooting sounds, animals scream and drums. Designers made new animations for this game and everything is so funny and curious. Some of them are also scary a little bit, but you get used to it very soon. In this version, several design details are also part of the questions and you need to recognize them, when the game requires.