Many people think that they are smart and know about many subjects. There are some tools in internet to check how smart you are, and what is your IQ. But, only 3 or 4 of them are good. So, I was very happy when found The Impossible quiz 2. Game which contains hard questions represented on really funny way.

Impossible quiz is not as silly game as other games of the category. That is the main reason, why the game is so popular and has thousands of players all over the world. There is the new version - impossible quiz 2. Only one word can describe this game. It is - "Awesome".

About the hardest quiz

The impossible quiz 2 is one of the most popular flash games produced by Notdoppler. Everything started with the first version of the game, which have been popular for years, because of nice interface and gameplay.

The idea of the Impossible quiz is to provide difficult and funny quizzes. So, try the game and become one of them who managed to achieve the final point of it.

Firstly, you may think that the game is very easy and you will do it quite easily, but you are wrong. Cos it is one of the hardest games I have ever played. We suggest play the game with the serious attitude, if you really want to enjoy playing it. The addictiveness of the impossible 2 is very high. After every failure, you would try to do it one more time, and maybe after thousands of tries, you have the chance to finish the game and say that you are a smart person. There are only few people who managed to finish this game, so you can be proud with yourself if you can do the same.

Idea of impossible games

Of course, the main goal of the game is the same as in previous one. You should answer several different questions about any subject. Besides the knowledge, you need logic and intuition, because there are types of questions, which you can answer only if you have all characters what I have described.

The impossible quiz 2 have the most funny and well designed gameplay along with the quiz games. It is really funny to play, and never makes you angry and boring despite of silly questions, which you just cannot know and you have to answer them with your intuition. Sometimes you are required to type some letters, you should do this as fast as you can, if you want to get high scores. The most helpful advice for you: If it's too hard for you, you can find answers for the impossible quiz 2 in the YouTube Video, but please do not do that, because you would destroy all pleasure what you can get from the game.

Design Of The Game

Lets write few words about the design of the game. It starts with the colorful loading page with green button “begin!. You just have to click it and the game starts. Questions pages are nice too. Impossible Quiz 2 obtains many colors and that sign of the game makes people happy. Besides the nice colors and design, the game has the great sounds. For instance – If your answer is wrong you hear the sound of explosion and that is very enjoyable and funny.

I hope the information is helpful for you, and you do not need any further instructions to play the game, but in case you need them, there is the instructions section in the game, which you can find quite easily. On our website you also can play the other versions of this nice game, we always try to do our best for our visitors.

In my opinion,impossible quiz 2 is better than first version of the game, and I think that the 3 version is better then second. So, we will provide the next version of the game as soon it would be realized.

The impossible quiz 2 has one of the easiest controllers. You just need Mouse to play this cool game.